Wikileaks a cultural phenomenon

Foucault, This process, unfortunately, has been the undoing of all the good that something like WikiLeaks is capable of. The ethics of this group stem from the basic premise of freedom of opinion and speech, and the pursuit for them is relentless. Will governments be forced to be more transparent.

We explore…and you call us criminals. This movement was concentrated primarily towards keeping the information free from state sponsored censorship and corporate hegemony and to give voice and access to all. From an ideological perspective, Wikileaks is a cross-cultural and transnational non-profit media organization.

Wikileaks: a Cultural Phenomenon Essay

The dynamics of persuasion. We exist without skin color, without nationality, without religious bias…and you call us criminals.

In a May 25 conversation, the hacker Adrian Lamo asked Manning why he gave the information to WikiLeaks when he could have sold it to Russia or China and "made bank.

Reactions to the United States diplomatic cables leak varied. The fact that in the levels of influence described by Shoemaker and Reese the second media institution takes just Wikileaks a cultural phenomenon small part of the information from the first one.

History Staff, name and founding Julian Assange was one of the early members of the WikiLeaks staff and is credited as the website's founder. An examination of the perceptions of newspaper journalists.

Submit documents to WikiLeaks

These instruments range from official public relation campaigns to as covert as manipulating popular culture Case in point: Human Relations, 1, InAssange declared: It has long been an ethical principle of hackers that ideas and information are not to be hoarded but are to be shared.

WikiLeaks effectively becomes of construct of the postmodern generation. In effect, WikiLeaks can be a platform to generate rational debate enriching the very foundations of democracy. One year after The Mentor's manifesto was published, Assange acquired a modem and entered cyberspace for the first time.

Theories of mass communication. In refining the theory for the purpose of this paper, all these concepts will be defined and analyzed together with their constructs. From the United States to Argentina, communities have been empowered by a better understanding of what our governments are doing—in our names, but so often without our knowledge.

But the advent of web 2.

Wikileaks: a Cultural Phenomenon Essay

Behaving like journalists, they look for guidance from the U. Most of the existing mass communication theories only explain traditional media phenomena. Another big thing that the internet does is that it challenges the ideas of borders and consequently citizenship.

Firstly, each news organization should be aware of who reads its publication, so that the journalist can adapt the information published.

Generation W: WikiLeaks Ignites a New Generation of Hacktivists

It is a platform where the truth is brought out in the open. A Conceptual Explanation of the Phenomenon Wikileaks can be understood and explained by using key concepts of gatekeeping, news sociology, and credibility.

No one is saying that the operations exposed by the Wrong Hands were equivalent to the Afghan War documents or the State Department cables exposed by Wikileaks; the real moral is not the importance of the exposed information, but rather the fact that the Wikileaks operation could provide a model for a new generation of hacktivists.

May 13,  · Wikileaks: a Cultural Phenomenon. has taken the world by storm. It is being discussed everywhere, from Sudan to the White House.

In this essay we try and explore the idea of WikiLeaks and how it affects our perception of the society. Wikileaks: A Cultural Phenomenon.

WikiLeaks and Hacktivist Culture

Culture Studies: Final Assessment SANIA NARULKAR PGP_17__A The paper will only deal with the concept of WikiLeaks. militaries of the world etc. governments of the world. from Sudan to the White House. especially web 2. media. Sep 20,  · In recent months there has been considerable discussion about the WikiLeaks phenomenon, and understandably so, given the volume and sensitivity of.

The WikiLeaks phenomenon has certainly appeared in the news many times over the last decade for a whole range of different reasons. The site now claims to host more than one million documents and a number of these have had many months of coverage.

In this essay I will be taking a look at the effects. Wikileaks: a Cultural Phenomenon Essay. WikiLeaks came into existence inyet it sprung into prominence in April, - Wikileaks: a Cultural Phenomenon Essay introduction. Ever since then, WikiLeaks has taken the world by storm.

In recent months there has been considerable discussion about the WikiLeaks phenomenon, and understandably so, given the volume and sensitivity of the documents the website has released.

Wikileaks a cultural phenomenon
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