Chlorine research paper

Chlorine chlorine research paper ranks among the top 10 chemicals produced in the United States.

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This method has the advantage of converting great quantities of waste acid to useful substances. In addition to these products, for which chlorine is needed, various other chlorine compounds play an important part in chemistry and the chemical industry.

Humphry Davy proved that chlorine was an element.

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The most important method for preparation of chlorine is the electrolysis of a solution of common salt, sodium chloride. The form uses it as refrigeration, dust, and ice control, food processing, and food preservation. It combines with inorganic material in water to form chloride salts, and with organic material in water to form chlorinated organic chemicals.

This element is a part of the halogen series forming salts. Chlorine may be recovered by oxidation of the acid.

Inhalation of chlorine gas can cause edema of the lungs and respiratory stoppage. Chlorine exists as a greenish-yellow gas at normal temperatures and pressures.

When hydrogen and chlorine gases are mixed together, the mixture is stable if kept in a cool, dark place. Chlorine is a member of the halogen group.

However, laboratory studies show that repeat exposure to chlorine in air can affect the immune system, the blood, the heart, and the respiratory system of animals. The use of Chlorine was used as a bleaching agent in the paper, pulp, and textile industries and as a germicide for drinking water preparation swimming pool purification, and hospital sanitation has made community living possible.

Chlorine Chlorine is at room temperature a greenish-yellow gas that can be readily liquefied at Tarr or 6. Chlorine causes environmental harm at low levels.

The HaloSense range is. Coming from the water we drink, or the fish we eat, the amount of chlorine in our system grows day by day, year after year.

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Hydrochloric acid is one of the most frequently used acids. Growth suffers if the amount of chloride in the soil fall below 2 ppm, but it rarely happens. If we did not have these compounds we would not have clean water, we would have an insect problem, we could not make many important compounds that are used in medicine, and some of the battles in World War I might have been lost if it were not for chlorine.

Calcium chloride, CaCl2, is usually obtained from salt water or as a by product of chemical processing. Chlorine has hundreds of compounds. Chlorine can support combustion; if a candle were to be thrown into a vessel of chlorine, it would continue to burn, releasing dense, black clouds of smoke, The chlorine combines with hydrogen of the paraffin, forming hydrogen chloride, and uncombined carbon is left in the form of soot.

Chlorine Zachary Grindle Chemistry Professor Bott June 24, Chlorine has an atomic mass ofatomic number 17, is a member of the halogen family (VIIA), and its symbol is “Cl”.

Chlorine research paper

Chlorine contains 17 protons and 18 neutrons in is nucleus. There are two isotopes for chlorine as well; Cl and Cl Essay The Element: Chlorine General Information We researched the chemical element known as chlorine.

Chlorine has an atomic number of 17 and an atomic weight of It has a valence number of 3. The element has 3 energy levels. Chlorine exists as a greenish-yellow gas at normal temperatures and pressures. Free essays available online are good but they will not follow the guidelines of your particular writing assignment.

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Chlorine research paper
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